You Have A Greater Role To Make South Sudan A Great Country, UNMISS Head Tells The Youth

“You have a greater role to make South Sudan a great country,” that statement from the UNMISS' Head while addressing the youth in Imatong and Namorunyang States.

You Have A Greater Role To Make South Sudan A Great Country, UNMISS Head Tells The Youth

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

JUBA, 14 March 2016 [Gurtong] – "... In every nation around the world, the youth can make a tremendous difference to the development of their country. And it is no different here in Torit, in South Sudan. You have an important role to play in helping to develop your State and your country, and to make South Sudan a great country, ready to take its place in the community of nations," the UNMISS Head of Field Office in Torit, Madam Mary Cummins told the Eastern Equatoria youth during an official opening of a two-day training workshop, held last week at Safari Link, Torit.

“How you do this? Of course you have the power to contribute either negatively or positively to making a difference in your country today. Which direction or road will each of you choose when you finish this training workshop?"

Cummins, clarified that leaders always look to the young people because they have the energy that benefit their communities and in turn will bring benefit to their State, country or nation if they use such availably acquired energy in a positive way.

"South Sudan is the youngest nation in the world today but sadly, for more than the past two years, there have been pointless civil wars going on which has brought untold tragedy, pain, and sorrow to so many families around South Sudan. So children, boys and girls are unable to go to school or if they are lucky enough to go to school, may have very few facilities because there are not enough teachers or books even classrooms. Lives have been disrupted, precious schools lost to the youth and yet the country depends on them (youth) because you are the future on which this country progresses."

"... We hope that by attending this workshop, you will take the time to discuss with your friends and colleagues here and with our staff, just what can be done to help your State, to help your country begin its journey to a better future," expressed Madam Cummins.

She said that the Governor has vowed to bring peace to the community throughout the State by visiting areas in conflict and meeting people involved in disputes and encourage them resolve their differences amicably.

"You, the youth of this State can make your own contributions to bringing peace and security back to the respective communities and to help those communities in conflict to close the chapter on fighting, to stop taking revenge against each other because this only leads to the loss of property and livestock, to the losses of precious life and destruction."

"You can ask communities to turn the page and start again by doing things in peaceful ways," added Cummins.

Speaking during the official opening of the launch, Madam Cummins clarified that the workshop would help the youth (beneficiaries) to support them in achieving a peaceful objective.

"This workshop will help you to achieve this objective and I hope you will put into practice what you learn here over the next two days."

Madam Cummins who has just replaced the former UNMISS Coordinator in Eastern Equatoria, urged the youth to get involved in political processes as they make their voice be heard through politics, by engaging with their authorities.

"... Get involved in political processes and encourage your friends to get involved, make your voice heard through politics, by engaging with the authorities and the Politicians and your own members of the State Assembly."

In her speech, she stressed that the UNMISS is passionate about peace pursuit.

"UNMISS is very passionate about this effort because we want to see this country, and in particular this State, develop and help the communities to live in peace. Because with peace will come education and with education will come development and jobs, and the power to your lives, to have your dreams, to have ambitions and to achieve whatever you want to be. All this comes when peace prevails," stated the Eastern Equatoria’s UNMISS Boss.

“ It is our hope that you, the youth, will become Ambassadors of peace and not propagandists of violence. Again, it is our hope that by working with you the youth, with Civil Society and the communities in the State that will help you to build a durable peace which will benefit everyone."

"... In conclusion, and because you are representing the youth from two greater regions; Torit and Kapoeta, hopefully you may also be among the future leaders of this State and this nation at large. Please, put into practice the lessons you are going to learn within these two-day workshop.

The youth drawn ffrom the two States, have were trained on conflict management and resolution mechanisms, by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

Trained under the UNMISS' Civil Affairs Division, more 50 youth from Eastern Equatoria Youth Union, and two former Greater regions namely, Kapoeta and Torit, benefitted from essential skills and knowledge plus key techniques on how best they could mitigate any arising conflicts, handle mediation processes under their capacities, and more importantly conduct peace advocacy activities on peaceful coexistence around and across the region of Eastern Equatoria.

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