Western Bieh State Renamed To Fangak State

The newly Western Bieh State has been renamed to Fangak State following community’s demand in Fangak and Ayod Counties.

By Jacob Achiek

BOR, 16 March, 2016 [GURTONG] – The Minister of Information James Lony Kang in an interview with Gurtong on Wednesday said the name change was done in consultation with President Salva Kiir.

Last year in October, President Salva Kiir Mayardit decreed the creation of Western Bieh State along with 27 other States replacing the previous 10 States.

Western Bieh State now Fangak State comprises of two Counties Fangak and Ayod.

The Information Minister James Lony said the initial name given did not represent the people of Ayod and Fangak Counties.

“Now our State capital is Ayod town and our State name is Fangak State which was previously called Western Bieh State,” said James Lony.

Greater Fangak comprised of Pigi County which has been annexed to Eastern Nile State. It was the administrative unit created during the anglo-Egyptian colony.

Fangak became an independent district in 1976, when former Jonglei split from Upper Nile province during the Gaafar Nimeiry regime.

Lony also said that the government plans to sensitize the communities at the grassroots so that they can rebuild the State.

“What the Governor did before appointing his cabinet was forming of the committee for mobilization that will sensitize the local residents in areas of Ayod and Fangak Counties,” He said.

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