Rising Up And Beginning Life Again After The War

A business woman who encountered losses during the South Sudan violence in Bor in 2013 says that her business is slowly picking up despite challenges she is facing.

Rising Up And Beginning Life Again After The War
Mary Augustino Legge. [Photo| Jacob Achiek]

By Jacob Achiek

BOR, 18 March 2016 [Gurtong] – 38 year old Mary Agustino Legge, who runs a small restaurant at the Safari Hotel in Bor, said she had to begin from scratch after losing everything.

“My business was a very very good business but after the South Sudan 2013 violence, I lost all my properties and my business collapsed. But as of now I am recovering,” Mary Agustino said.

She began her business as a cook in Malakal town in the 1980s. After a period of time she decided to open up a restaurant where she would sell all types of food to customers.

“I was a wife of three kids when I began the business. I work very hard to saves money and bought cows. I bought were used as dowries of my husband’s second wife after me. The cows were given to in-laws of my husband,” She has said.

Being the first wife she had to assist her husband raise enough dowry for the second wife.

Augustino said that her husband by then had 70,000south Sudanese pounds that he had raised while she had 75 heads of cattle. All was used to pay for the bride price of the second wife.

She said Bor fell was recaptured by government forces from the SPLM-IO her and her family left the UN compound where they had sought for refugee to go to Lakes State and later proceeded to Juba.

At that time the remaining money she had was also looted.

“I did not tell them what had happened to me. I did not tell them about the looting of my 100,000 pounds until we reached Juba on January 06, 2014. They later knew that my money was looted on January 7th,” she said.

In Juba, she said life had turned difficulty as she had no job or business anymore to run to sustain her family.

She then decided to get employment in a restaurant where she was employed as a cook and was being paid 15 pounds per day. That was the money she used for feeding her family.

After the crisis subsided in 2014, she decided to return back to Jonglei State and resume her business in Safari hotel in Bor where she was given a chance in the hotel to cook and sell her food to customers.

Since then life has been falling in place one day at a time for Augustino Legge who can now afford a smile as she goes about her business.

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