Boarding Schools To Be Constructed In All Three Counties Of Jonglei

The newly formed Government of Jonglei State has promised to build more boarding schools particularly for girls in response to promotion of the girl-child education in the region.

Boarding Schools To Be Constructed In All Three Counties Of Jonglei
Pupils of St. Andrew in Bor [Photo| Juuk Mading]

By Juuk Othana Mading

BOR, 24 March 2016 [Gurtong] – Governor Philip Aguer Panyang said that the State government has agreed to support the Ministry of Education in constructing more boarding schools in the State.

Jonglei State Governor made the statement on Tuesday while addressing the press on government’s new plans and priorities in the newly created State.

“Both boys and girls boarding schools must be equally supported so that we have educated girls who will be tomorrow’s backbone of good culture and education in Jonglei State” Aguer stressed.

“We must start with the first girl’s school we have like Anyidi girls school. It has to be visited by the Minister of Education and we urge all the international agencies and organizations that are supporting our education to support girls boarding schools as the first activity then the rest follow”, explained Aguer.

He said that in every County there must be at least one girl’s boarding school.

“In the three Counties we must have at least one girl’s boarding school; in Bor, Twic East and Duk Counties. So we must have three boarding schools in the three Counties.”
Aguer appealed to parents to respect children’s rights and promote education.

“I believe all of us are parents and we have to promote the rights of our daughters and the rights of our boys to pursue higher education”, he said.

“We want to encourage all the girls that are in schools today and those who are not in schools should be enrolled in schools so that we see the fruit of our struggle. So they will serve their family, they will serve themselves, they will serve the community and they will serve the entire people of South Sudan”, he acknowledged.

He warned against forced child marriage and encouraged parents to take their children to school.

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