Support for the Sacking of Dr Marial from Foreign Affairs Ministry

"Other than his sacking he should retract and come public to apologize to the south Sudanese people for spewing such scandalous remarks because there is no justification for his action."

 Congress of South Sudanese Patriots

For Immediate Release: 
24th March, 2016, Nairobi, Kenya, 9:00AM EAT
Re: Back-up call for Foreign Minister’s sacking

Eligo Dak's photo.

Dr Marial Benjamin (R of photo):- Our attention was drawn to the recent discriminating statement uttered by foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, wittingly and ignorantly referring to the native people of Abyei (Dinka Ngok) as foreigners in South Sudan.The Minister’s hostile and flippant manner in which he address the protracted and disputed issue of Abyei people have attracted the ‘ire’ of south Sudanese of all walk of life and across political divides. We believe such vulgarity represent the pinnacle of disrespect to the South Sudanese populace and the Abyei community at large.

We think he is drunk with power; and therefore we welcome the action that stripes him of the power he was misusing. By so doing, he would learn a lesson and realize that the power he was mishandling didn’t come in silver plate; that it was bloodily fought for by the sons and daughters of Abyei. As such the foundation of south Sudan was build and cemented with their sweats and precious blood during the last six decades struggle for our independent. We reiterate that his sacking was a right action at the right time.

Dr. Marial cannot afford to say that. How could he dare refer to people with birth right as foreigners in their own country? It is the manifest of political arrogance and naked conceit that epitomizes how SPLM have lost sight of the realities and aspirations of our people.

Of late, Dr. Marial Benjamin has just been talking for the sake of talking devoid of any substance. He is no longer the role model that we aspire to emulate. We think he has outlived his usefulness and this is the time for him to quit.

We hereby write to back-up his dismissal from Foreign Affairs docket for he has intentionally acted in breach of his moral obligation. 
Dr. Marial was trying to create a rift between South Sudanese and the Abyei residents; Unbeknown to him was the fact that the contention issue of Abyei unite us voluntarily. He cannot manage to separate Abyei from South Sudanese neither can South Sudanese be separated from Abyei people.

It is really very unfortunate to hear such humiliating sentiment from the government’s mouthpiece. It only implants sense of despair regarding the fate of the oil rich region of Abyei. Over times, the pending dispute lays on the ‘Abyei land’ and not the people themselves.Anyone who wishes to be South Sudanese national is highly welcome likewise to those who prefer to live in the north as we strive to resolve the issue amicably. This special case also applies to the people of Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile. Usually, it’s those who acquired their citizenships via means of registration and naturalization that can have their citizenship revoked on some conditions.

The truth is that despite the rejection of Abyei referendum results and lack of certainty they feel about the future, we fully acknowledge them as our country Men and Women. This is because they are citizens by birth hence Dr. Marial has no jurisdiction whatsoever to deny or contradict their birth right in South Sudan.

Other than his sacking he should retract and come public to apologize to the south Sudanese people for spewing such scandalous remarks because there is no justification for his action. We urge South Sudanese to ignore and condemn his remarks with contempt it deserves.

At the onset we know they made such statements to dough President Bashir’s looming aggression. Recently, President Bashir threatened to shut borders with South Sudan on allegation that SPLM regime is arming militia groups against Khartuom’s government, so they are trying to appease President Bashir to cool his anger; and his sacking would serve as warning and deterrence to others selfish politicians in government who practice selfish politics with the dignity of our people.

There is an old adage which says, ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’’ thus if the likes of Dr. Marial Benjamin cannot face Bashir head-on or manage the boundaries disputes and geopolitics, let them exit peaceful and leave the leadership to those who have the know-how.

Leadership positions are not for prestige but rather for defense, we need leaders who could defend South Sudanese dreams and to provide sterling guidance. Somebody whose body language exudes confidence, those who make statements that carried a weighty message and political education.

Dak Buoth 

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