Kudo Community Celebrate The Drilling of Boreholes In Their area

As Christians celebrated Easter last Friday, Itialak and Lohila residents of Kudo Payam, Torit County in Imatong State, gathered to pray and witness the drilling of a bore hole in their area.

Kudo Community Celebrate The Drilling of Boreholes In Their area
Eleders and traditional spiritual leaders blessing drilling site before work commences in Torit [Photo| Peter Lokale ]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 30 March 2016 [Gurtong] – At dusk, a group of women carrying a calabash of water matched to Lohila Wacha drilling site to sprinkle and chant prayers as a sign of thanksgiving to God for the provision of water.

At Lohila Wacha, a female traditional Chief Priest led a team of elders to bless the drilling site and sacrificed a lamb.

Kudo Paramount Chief, Mario Taban narrated that the women prior to this, had to walk long distances to fetch water.

“Women in this area are suffering from lack of water.  They are eager to get bore-holes within, to access clean drinking water for domestic use. That’s their purpose of prayer,” he explained.

Chief Taban explained that the communities from time immemorial have been fetching water from a well which animals also drink from.

“This well is deep and it takes 20 to 30 minutes to fill a 20-litre Jerry can. Animals also come to drink from the same well and contaminate the water."

Mr. Omirsinga Orilar, a former youth Chairperson explained that Atuloru well along a perennial Lowulang river is another traditional dug pit also supplies the community and their animals with water.

“Every year the community digs the sand at the river bed to create a well during the dry season and fence it as the valley is filled with water in the rainy seasons but animals still sneak in,” he said.

Omirsinga said that more than 700 households in Lowulang Boma equally shares Hahayi well, the third water point about three kilometers from Lohila Wacha village, with animals.

Drilled by Rural Water and Sanitation Support Agency (RUWASSA) in Kudo Payam of Torit County, the two new bore-holes are part of a project of over 30 others funded by NIRAS.

NIRAS is a company that manages development fund on behalf of the Government of the Netherlands, implement projects, build capacity, and provide technical advice.

In collaboration with State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, NIRAS, funds bore-holes constructions, Water management and Sanitation projects in Torit, Lafon and Imehejek areas.

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