Is it Home for Christmas this Year for Sudanese?

Most of the Sudanese communities are planning to do their Christmas in South Sudan, whether peace is signed before Christmas or not.

(Nairobi 10th, Dec. 2004)

But they are nevertheless hoping that the message delivered by the Dr. John Garang of the SPLA and Sudan First Vice president Mr. Ali Osman Taha, that they will sign a comprehensive peace this month, will come true, so that it would “Peace for Christmas” for Sudanese this year.

They say that Christmas in ones country is most celebrated than doing it outside where the urge of being home would not allow you to celebrate as you expect it.

This is already witnessed in the refugee camp where flocking of people going back home is very high. The ‘Lost Boys’ from America are also flying home in their dozens for this festive season. Some are purely going for matrimonial activities.

The price of bulls and goats had already shot up, as many people want to have plenty in their households both for the visitors and themselves. In Rumbek, it is reported that the price of one bull had doubled and Warawar market is not fairing well either.



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