Government Questions SPLM/A-IO About The Position Of Gen. Johnson Olony

South Sudan government on Friday in its regular council of ministers weekly meeting No.19/2016 asked the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO to clarify the position of Gen. Johnson Olony Thobo.

 Government Questions SPLM/A-IO About The Position Of Gen. Johnson Olony
General Johnson Olony [Photo by Insider]

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA, 02 April 2016 [Gurtong]- Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth, the government spokesperson told reporters on Friday that the government is calling upon the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO to let Gen. Olony also accept peace by opening roads between Renk and Tonga which is said to be blocked.

“We call upon SPLM/A-IO to clarify to us exactly whether Gen. Johnson Olony is the member of the SPLM/A-IO or not this is simply because up to now the route between Renk up to Tonga is not yet open – the river route –we will not allow that to continue” said Makuei.

 “…We need to know exactly if Olony is a member of the SPLM/A-IO then he should be given clear directives to open these routes or else if he is not, we should also be informed so that we see how best we can move on that matter” Makuei said.

Johnson Olony defected with his forces from the government during the crisis in South Sudan that begun in 2013 mid-December and captured the capital of the oil-rich Upper Nile state, Malakal, and Melut, headquarters of Melut County which is adjacent to the main oilfields of Paloch, in joint operations with SPLA-IO forces before the towns were retaken by the government.

In 2015, he officially declared a merger and incorporation into the armed opposition forces of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM-IO), under the leadership of former vice president, Riek Machar.

The declaration for the merger was signed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, by officials from both sides.

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