Surviving On Leaves And Wild Fruits As Food Shortage Worsens In Kuacjok

The starving residents of Kuacjok, the capital of Gogrial State, are jostling for tree leaves and wild fruits following shortage of food in the region.

Surviving On Leaves And Wild Fruits As Food Shortage Worsens In Kuacjok
Looming Hunger in South Sudan[Photo| Dickens H Okello]

By Ayuel Santino Manut

KUACJOK, April 20, 2016 [Gurtong] - The situation has also worsened due to skyrocketing prices coupled with the poor harvest recorded last year as a result of communal clashes and poor rainfall.

For instance, citizens who sought refuge in Kuacjok following the conflict of Aguok and Apuk communities of greater Gogrial did not cultivate nor receive any humanitarian support.

The displaced population had to depend entirely on relatives whose power to support at the moment is limited due to the current economic turmoil in the country.

Awut chol is a mother of four who was displaced from the Aguok section last year and now depends on leaves to feed her children.

Although the authorities have resolved the conflict and the area is now peaceful, Chol thinks that her return home now would not address the matter.

“I did not cultivate last year, my granary is empty and the situation will be the same even if I go back home now,” she said.

Awut is not the only displaced facing daunting food scarcity in Kuacjok, I found her gathering leaves with  12 years old Achok Awoi, a displaced  whose father was killed in  Bentiu in  2014.

They fled from Bentiu with her mother and three other siblings to Kuacjok where they have been living a life of hand to mouth.

They came to Kuacjok because her mother claimed they would be taken care of by maternal relatives.

“My mother brought us here because she is from here but so far we have not seen her relatives,” complained Achok.

According to her accounts, the father is from former Northern Bhar El Ghazal State, Awiel. She is reaching out to all levels of governments, humanitarian actors and relatives to come to their rescue.


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