Additional Counties In Imatong And Namorunyang States Established

Additional Counties have been established in Imatong and , Namorunyang.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 22 April 2016 [Gurtong] –
In Eastern Equatoria, where it was split to have two States, Namorunyang and Imatong, 20 Counties have now been established.

Namorunyang now has 8 Counties from the initial 4 while Imatong State now has 12 Counties from the previous 4.

The latest Counties that constitute Namorunyang are Kapoeta South, Kapoeta North, Kapoeta East, Budi, Kimotong, Ngauro, Kauto and Kimo their headquarters being Kapoeta, Nasikal, Narus, Chukudum, Napak, Ngauro and Nanyangachor respectively.

The former Torit County has now been divided into 3 Counties which include; Torit West, Torit East and Torit with respective headquarters being Kudo, Hiyala and Torit in that order.

Meanwhile, Magwi County has been divided into three Counties namely Magwi, Pageri and Ayaci with their headquarters being Magwi, Pageri and Ayaci respectively.

Likewise, Ikwoto County has been split into 3 Counties that is Ikwoto, Geria, Kidepo Valley with their administrative headquarters being Ikotos, Locomo and Chahari in that order.

The former Lafon/Lopa County has been split into 3 Counties, and they include; Lafon Imehejek and Lopit West. Their Counties headquarters, in sequential order as listed above, are Lafon, Imehejek and Longiro.


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