Additional 5 Counties Established In Yei River State

The Deputy Governor of Yei River State, Abraham Wani Yoane on Sunday announced the establishment of new Counties in the State.

Additional 5 Counties Established In Yei River State
Yei River State Governor David Lokonga (L) and Deputy Abraham Wani [Photo| ST]

By Modi Gilbert

YEI, 25 April 2016 [Gurtong]- “The Council of States in the national government has approved five new Counties in Yei River State” said wani.

The new Counties include, ŋepo in Kajo-kejo County, Kindi in Morobo, Otogo in Yei, Tore a new County, in Lainya Kupera and Wuji.

Yei River County is now divided into three Counties, Morobo is divided into two Counties, Kajo-Keji divided into two and Lainya divided into three Counties as well.

Yei River State which used to have four Counties now has a total of nine Counties.

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