Remembering the Ones we Lost collects 5000 victim names.

As we celebrate the end of the war and the start of the implementation of the peace agreement, let us not forget where we are coming from: the indescribable violence resulting in death and disappearance for many of our loved ones.

Remembering the Ones we Lost collects 5000 victim names.

Today, Remembering the Ones We Lost Website ( has documented over 5000 names of those killed or missing as a result of armed conflict in South Sudan. Let us honor them in special ways. One way to honor them, is to declare, in all our hearts, to never repeat the violence that ripped through the nation, causing untold horror to victims and families so that their souls may rest in peace. Another way is to remember them, the futures they should have had and acknowledge their surviving family members and the pain they live with. Finally, we must stop using armed conflicts as a way to resolve disputes, so that we may all live in peace, prosperity and equality and grow together in our new nation.

Contact Persons: Daud Gideon and Anyieth D'Awol. email


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