Tonj Governor Announces Formation Of 18 Counties

The Governor of Tonj State last Friday said in a public rally that the Council of States in Juba has endorsed the creation of 18 new Counties in Tonj State.

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 15 May 2016 [Gurtong]-Akec Tong Aleu while speaking to the crowd on Friday at Tonj Freedom Square urged the communities to receive the new administrative areas with happiness but be ready to give out resources to administer the County’s administrations in the State.

Information Minister, Madit Malek Akuien said, “On the arrival, we were received by the crowd. There was a brief meeting with the cabinet before the Governor addressed the crowd at the square. The Governor has declared that Tonj State government will operate within 18 Counties.” 

Governor Akec has been in Juba waiting for the approval of Counties for the new State from the office of the President and the Council of States for about a month. The Governor has earlier been given 12 Counties but the local population in the State rejected the number demanding for more Counties.

“I am quite sure that 18 counties are enough for Tonj State communities. This is the only state with highest number of counties in South Sudan. Our people should rather appreciate their Governor and President Kiir for the Counties,” said the Information Minister.

President Kiir on 2nd October 2015 issued an order establishing 28 new States in South Sudan to replace the then 10 States that were created by the Khartoum administration for South Sudan in 1996 under President Omar Al-Bashir.

On receiving the creation of 28 States in South Sudan the intellectuals of the former Greater Tonj District requested the President to create more Counties in Tonj instead of one. The Luanyjang Community of Tonj East region asked to be given an independent Luanyjang State while Tonj North Region requested to break away as a State of its own.

Sources in Tonj revealed that Tonj North has been allocated with 8 Counties while Tonj East got 6 Counties while Luanyjang region was given 4 counties and Greater Ananatak served with 2. Tonj South County of the former Warrap State went away with 4 new Counties.

Mr. Madit said the Governor is in consultation with the local population and intellectuals to give accurate names for the 18 Counties and establish their administrative headquarters for each County.


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