Tailor Struggling To Make Ends Meet

In what seemed to have been the perfect business, turned out to be a total loss after the government in Western Lakes State issued an order banning the sale of alcohol.

Tailor Struggling To Make Ends Meet
Moses Majok, tailor in Rumbek [Photo by Gabriel Mayom]

By Gabiel Mayom

RUMBEK, 12 May 2016[Gurtong]
– Moses Majok was once a business man dealing in alcoholic drinks in Rumbek. His business was flourishing as he made enough profits that sustained his livelihood.

However, with heavy taxation and the ban of alcohol in the State by the former Governor, Matur Chut Dhuol his business came crushing.

He had to abandon the business and look for an alternative if he was to continue surviving and providing for his family as well.

“My first business was selling of beer. The former regime of Governor Matur Chut affected everything – many foreign traders who were my partners in selling beer left the town – everyone was very confused in business. So I chose to be a tailor but now getting materials has become another obstacle.”

That was when Moses Majok ventured into tailoring. With the little money he had, he established a small tailoring shop. His materials are mainly purchased from Juba.

He has however, complained of the heavy taxes that he incurs which is affecting his business. The roads heading to Juba he says are not safe anymore for him to make trips to get more supply for his business.

“I have for about four months now gone without material for my business– I have no dollars or someone to help me to get the dollars. Travelling by road from Rumbek to Juba is just by God’s mercy because sometimes people are killed by unknown gunmen on the road. So I am left thinking what to do next.”

Now, Majok has been left to work with the little he can get in Rumbek which he says may not take long before he is forced out of the business.

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