National Television Goes Off Air Due To Technical Fault

The Managing Director of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) James Magok Chilim has announced that the national television has been off air since Monday due to what he described as a technical fault.

By Jok P. Mayom

JUBA, 08 June 2016 [Gurtong]
- In a press release seen by Gurtong dated 7 June the management of the TV and leadership of the Ministry of Information, Communication, Telecommunication and Postal Services announced to the public of the technical fault that hit the station. 

Magok said in the statement that the management informs the public at large that the SSBC Television formerly known as South Sudan Television (SSTV) is off air.

“This technical failure occurred on Monday 06th June, at 1pm local time within normal broadcasting hours. The engineers are working to solve this technical fault and we shall be back on air soon.” said Magok in the statement.

“The SSBC would like to dispute any allegations published by Al Mougif Arabic Newspaper misinforming the public that the TV is off air due to lack of dollars, this is a lie and baseless”.

“We regret for the inconvenient cause by this technical faulty and we promise the station will be back on air soon” he said.

SSTV is the only TV the country runs as the national television.


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