Government of Sudan Ready to Talk with NDA

(Khartoum, 18th, Oct. 2004)

Deputy Secretary General of the National Congress and Minister of Federal Government, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, has affirmed the government’s readiness to engage in talks with the opposition Democratic National Alliance (NDA).

He also stressed the government's keenness to achieve peace and stability in Sudan. Dr. Nafie said in a press statement Monday at the headquarters of the National Congress that the government was not informed about postponement of the talks with the NDA, emphasizing the importance of consensus on the national issues and adherence to dialogue and peaceful means.

He was speaking during the onset of the peace talk between the government and the SPLM and he said that SPLM/A being part of the NDA couldn’t talk peace with the government while the whole body that it is in partnership is isolated.


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