SSRC To Offer Aid To Returnees In Jonglei

The South Sudan Red Cross is coordinating with other shelter clusters to carry out an assessment of cattle keepers residing at the UN reception centre who recently returned from the Equatoria region.

SSRC To Offer Aid To Returnees In Jonglei
Director of South Sudan Red Cross in Jonglei State, David Ghai Deer. [File Photo]

By Juuk Othana Mading

BOR, 22 June 2016 [Gurtong] - The Director of South Sudan Red Cross in Jonglei State, David Ghai Deer told Gurtong on Tuesday that the organisation has been coordinating plans with the shelter cluster to make sure the returnees are properly assessed and assisted in time.

“We first need to screen them trying to identify exactly the returnees who came directly from the cattle camps. So our plan now is to screen them; do proper assessment because there has not been any assessment done”, he stressed.

Deer revealed that the NGO also encourages the returnees to resettle back in their own communities.

“Above all, we want to see whether we will be able to give them some shelters for the time being. The shelters will be temporary shelters especially not the kind that will encourage them to stay at Malual-agobaar”, he said. “Then we will identify the real cattle keepers then be able now to see which kind of support we will be able to help them with while in coordination with other humanitarian actors as well. It is a bit complex but we are trying to do something.”

“You know they came but they need various needs not only shelter but some of them also might need to be assisted with food”, he added.

SSRC continues to coordinate with other humanitarian families to figure out who will be able to assist in what area.

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