Tonj State Governor Appoints Commissioners For 19 Counties

The Governor of Tonj State on Monday issued a gubernatorial decree appointing 19 Commissioners for the newly established Counties in Tonj State.

Tonj State Governor Appoints Commissioners For 19 Counties

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 28 June 2016 [Gurtong]
-In early May 2016, Governor Akec Tong Aleu created 18 Counties after which he made changes and split Kirik and Pagol into two Counties making the total to 19 Counties.

Since the creation of 28 States by a presidential order, Tonj State has been administered under three local government administrations of Tonj North, Tonj South and Tonj East Counties.

The Minister for Information, Mr. Madit Malek Akuien said that the swearing in of the newly appointed Commissioners will be announced by the government.

List of Commissioners with their Counties:

Name of County:                                              Name of Commissioner appointed:

Lou Ariik County                                                Deng Majok Deng Makuei

Konggor County                                                Muorter Manyang Mayen

Akop County                                                      Kharlo Maluil Makuek

Rualbet County                                                 Brig Gen. Marko Awuoc Kuot

Lou Paher County                                            Kur Kuc Angony

Warrap County                                                 Ustaz Sigin Ayindit Kuot

Manloor County                                                Lt Col. Mawien Majok Majok

Kirik County                                                      Joseph Madut Deng

Pagol County                                                    Bol Agei Bol

Luanyjang South County                                Madhol Chol Thuc

Luanyjang North County                                William Arop Mawiik

Luanyjang Centre County                             Abraham Mabior Malith

Luanyjang East County                                 Mawien Yap Yel

Jalwau County                                                1st Lt. Santino Gum Gaak
Ananatak County                                            Chol Mabior Dil

ManyangNgok County                                   Bol Aruec Acinaduok

Tonj County                                                     Joseph Luiti Jago

Wanhalel County                                          Makuer Tiau Anyuon

Thiet County                                                 John Akot Chuol Akot


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