Rehabilitation Of Roads Linking Jubek, Terekeka And Eatern Lakes Begins

The Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Agok Manyiel Dhieu last Friday officially launched the rehabilitation of the main road connecting Jubek, Terekeka States with Eastern Lakes which passes through States of greater Barh-el ghazel region.

Rehabilitation Of Roads Linking Jubek, Terekeka And Eatern Lakes Begins
A lorry stuck in Awerial [Photo| B. Bol Anhiem Jok]

By Mabor Riak Magok

YIROL, 05 July 2016 [Gurtong]-Speaking to the press, Hon. Manyiel said the roads condition has become impassable for the past two weeks due to heavy rainfalls which has left vehicles stranded.

Agok promised that his ministry will double its efforts to make sure that the road rehabilitation will be successfully completed within four weeks.

According to the minister the road repair will start from Mundari Bora of Terekeka State to Mingkaman, then from Mingkaman to Awerial (pap) and finally to Bunagok, Lake Anyii, Yirol town and Aluak-luak respectively.

He appreciated President Salva Kiir, the national minister of roads and bridges and national minister of finance, for responding positively towards the rehabilitation of the road.

Agok thank the Governor for prioritising roads rehabilitation as the poor state of roads has for a long time jeopardized the delivery of food and none food  items.

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