Keeping Dogs For Protection From Intruders

A guard dog is one that is used to watch out for and guard against unwanted people or animals. It is discriminating; so, it does not attack familiar people, such as its owner’s family or other pets.

Keeping Dogs For Protection From Intruders
Anyith Gai with his dogs Malual Chaat [Photo| Jacob Achiek]

By Achiek Jok

BOR, 12 July 2016 [Gurtong] - In a certain village in Bor, many are keeping dogs for security purposes. 38 year old Anyieth Gai Anyieth who owns more than 10 dogs says he has trained them well to guard the family home in case of intruders.

Anyieth Gai said, during the day the dogs guard his domestic animals when they are released for grazing.

With hyenas often spotted in the neighbourhood he says he has no worry as the dogs provide security for his animals.

“The dogs protect cattle, and goats from wild animals such as hyenas and leopards,” he said.
“Trained dogs are more intelligent and have a great potential to protect people from hyenas, leopards and criminals,” Anyieth Gai said.

According to him, his love for dogs began when he was a young boy who used to admire one of his relative who kept over 40 dogs in the late 90s and that’s when he realised the importance of keeping dogs.

Anyieth said most of the time he walks around with a few of his dogs making him feel secure in the village. However some of them were killed during the civil war in South Sudan.

“Seven of my dogs were killed in 2014 violence which displaced hundreds of people from Jonglei State,” he said.

Peter Mabior Riak a relative of Anyith who owns one dog said the bark of a dog in the night will alert the family of an intruder.

"No criminal can come to our homes because we keep dogs and the dogs protect us from criminals," he said.

The Director General in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Mary Gordon said dogs are important in the family when trained well as they can take care of livestock and family members.

“When you train them they can take care of your livestock and they can take care of your house if the thieves come,” Mary Gordon said.

“Every animal in the family or in the community have important roles to our lives cattle, goats, sheep are kept for milk, meat, and for dowry while we keep dogs for protection from intruders in our families,” she said.

Veterinary doctor, Adol Apollo says back in the days dogs were used for hunting.

“We got to know that dogs, were used for hunting during our grandfathers days and they are used as guards in the homes,” Adol said.

He however warned that if they are not trained accordingly may tunr dangerous and become a danger to the community.

Anyieth Gai said that his dogs have never gotten vaccines from the State Ministry of livestock and fisheries since 2008. He says that the State does not have the vaccines for dogs.
Meanwhile, the State officials from the livestock department said vaccines are very important for the dog’s health.

Director General Mary Gordon said vaccination of dogs is important because it can protect the dog from diseases.

“We don’t do any random vaccination because all of these dogs are street dogs but if you are the owner of the dog and you want your dog to be vaccinated you can bring it to the centre there in Bor county veterinary clinic,” said Mary Gordon.

Dr. Adol Apollo however said that even after announcing on radio to owners of dogs to take their dogs for vaccination no one turned up.

“After the crisis or even before the crisis we were having vaccines here in Bor and that vaccine we announced over the radio and on the streets for those who have dogs to bring their dogs for vaccination and nobody turned up for the vaccine,” Adol said.

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