New Public Leaders' Appointments In Imatong Counties

The Imatong State Governor's Hon. Natrisio Loluke Manir issued decrees on Thursday relieving some of the county commissioners and chief administrators; thereafter reappointed them alongside new faces to commissionership posts.

New Public Leaders' Appointments In Imatong Counties
H.E Nartisio Loluke Manir, Governor of Imatong State [Courtesy File Photo]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 13 August 2016 [Gurtong] –
The gubernatorial decree No.0021/2016, names the following County commissioners;

1) Hon. Fermo Peter Isara, Commmissioner, Torit County,
2) Hon. Bona Cirino, Commissioner, Lopa County,
3) Hon. Ben Kingston Loduk, Commissioner, Magwi County,
4) Hon. Salvatore Abdallah Lorisamoi, Commissioner, Ikwoto County,
5) Hon. Severino Loful Hobon, Commissioner, Lopit West County,
6) Hon. Vigilio Bernard, Commissioner, Torit Wets County,
7) Hon. Col. Imillio Igga Alimas, Commissioner, Pageri County,
8) Hon. Ukal Kawong, Commissioner, Lafon County,
9) Hon. Claudio Opwanya, Commissioner, Kidepo Valley County,
10) Hon. Lima Albino Haworu, Commissioner, Torit East County,
11) Hon. Benson Onek Mark, Commissioner, Ayaci County and finally
12) Hon. Dominik Onyu Paul, Commissioner, Geria County.

The governor, first issued a gubernatorial decree No.0019/2016, relieving 4 County Commissioners who were Hon. Ben Kingston Loduk, Hon. Salvatore Abdallah Lorisamoi,  Hon. Severino Loful Hobon,  and Hon. Vigilio Bernard for Magwi, Ikwoto, Lopa and Torit counties respectively.

He also released a separate gubernatorial decree No.0020/2016, relieving Chief Administrators' Hon. Col. Imillio Igga Alimas, Hon. Ukal Kawong and  Hon. Claudio Opwanya for Pagari, Lafon and Kidepo Valley Administrative Areas.

In a related development, the governor issued another executive order No. 010/2016 appointing his state first Coordinator with his deputy, for coordination office in Juba.

While Hon. Kornelious Odongi Dicimo becomes the first coordinator for coordination office in Juba office for Imatong State with Hon. George James Ayama as deputy.

Governor Loluke additionally issued a fresh gubernatorial decree number 0015/0017/00200/0021/2016 appointing state Commissions' Chairpersons with members.

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