Central Equatoria State Has Excess Employees, Says Minister

The Central Equatoria State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Angelo Dayu Agor has reported an increase in employment in the state.

By Juma John Stephen

Agor told Central Equatoria State Legislative Assembly last week that the state workforce has grown steadily over the last one year.

“The tremendous growth indicates that despite the determination to contain this growth, unparalleled recruitment was taking place in other sectors to the extent that not only the budget figures allocated for this financial year was exhausted but exceeded by 3,110”, he said.

Minister Agor was addressing the Assembly in an extraordinary sitting to take the august House through trends of the budget’s performance during the first half of the financial year to see achievements scored, challenges encountered and efforts that might culminate into failure.

“This is what we are in today. We have employed chiefs by orders so the difference is pointing towards that direction”, said Agor.

“The approved number of employees for the state in 2008 was 19,552. In 2009 it was 23,789 but currently the actual number is 26,899, opening a margin of 3,110 hence overemployment by the state”, he added.

According to the Minister, the workforce profile by sectors evidenced that overrecruitment was mostly from the State Ministries of Natural Resource, Health and Public Administration and Law Enforcement.

“If the State Human Resource Ministry does not retrench its workforce to match transfers from the Government of Southern Sudan to cover its staff, the employment rate will continue to increase rather than decrease”, said the Minister.

The state income and expenditure statement for the month of January to June 2009 in total was 90, 433,048.71 Sudanese Pounds.

These included block grants, conditional salaries, operational costs, state revenue, food security commodities, pension fund, recovery of undue payment, recovery of loans and capital costs.

According to the Minister, there is lack of good will from institutions that collect revenue to honor the State Revenue Authority Act 2007, as well as rampant violation of requisite principles and procedures in the budget implementation.


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