3-Day Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Consultative Meeting Held In Rumbek

A 3-day women's parliamentarian caucus consultative workshop, supported by Crisis Management Initiative was concluded on Friday in Rumbek.

3-Day Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Consultative Meeting Held In Rumbek
Women parliamentarians holding a workshop in Rumbek on peace implementation, 21, October 2016 [Photo by Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 22 October 2016 [Gurtong]-The objective of the consultative meeting was to update citizens on the current status of peace implementation and to disseminate the key issues of peace agreement signed in August 2015.

The leader of the women parliamentary caucus, honorable, Rejoice Bauda Simon said that her team had gathered vital and positive messages regarding needs for water sources which is the main cause of conflict, cattle theft, raiding, revenge killing delay of justice and accountability in the customary law and land disputes.

Honorable Bauda Simon said, the Chiefs had agreed to form committees for peace within the State to address some of the causes of conflict however; presence of arms in the hands of civilians remains a major threat to peace and stability among the communities.

Mary Ayen Majok, the Chairperson of Gender, Peace and Reconciliation Committee in the national legislature council of States urged the citizen of Western Lakes State to maintain peace and unity and forget about revenge.

In an interview with Gurtong Honorable Nyayang Lok Riek, a member of parliament representing Uror County in Biech State said the people of Western Lakes have embraced the peace agreement.

She said recommendations including lack of poor road infrastructure, cattle theft among others raised in the workshop will be forwarded to the Joint Monitoring Evaluation Commission.

“JMEC is the body responsible for supervising the implementation of the agreement and whatever views we are collecting from the people today must be referred to the peace agreement.”

Western Lakes State Peace and Reconciliation Advisor, Mayek Maper Manyiel said all forms of violence must be stopped.

Mayek told the chiefs to cooperate and share information with the State government, about the whereabouts of criminals in the State.

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