Western Lakes State Government Condemns Youth Council Letter

The Letter was requesting the Repatriation of Equatorian Employees from Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

Rumbek, 26th/10/216 [Gurtong] - The government of Western Lakes State has issued a letter condemning the Youth Council who are requesting all Equatorian employees working with the UN Agencies, INGOs, National NGOs/CSOs Network, companies and anybody residing in Lakes State to quit the state within 7 days.

According to the letter obtained by Gurtong read as follows:-

To: All UN Agencies, INGOs, National NGOs/CSOs network, Companies and Whoever it May Concern

Subject: Repatriation of Equatorian Employees from Lakes region.

Following the recent developments in the country where members of Dinka ethnic group have been targeted and butchered in the whole of Equatoria region, considering its security implications on the Equatorians working in greater Bhar el Ghazal and upper Nile regions, and given the bitterness of Youth in Lakes State and Bahr el Gazal as the whole and their resolves to take detrimental actions as soon as possible; the Youth from Awiel have already taken action and the Equatorian there are being evacuated as of yesterday the 17th/sept/2016.

The same moves are being taken in the upper Nile and the rest of Bhar el Ghazal region. It is therefore worthy to bring to your attention the fatality involved if we tend to ignore these developments.

The Youth of Lakes state convened a meeting today 18th /10/2016 and resolved the following;

1-    All the above mentioned employees should control their employees who are of Equatoria origin to remain inside their compounds/work places with effect from today the 18th/Sept/2016.

2-    All the employees who are of the said area must be evacuated within seven days from to the 18th/Sept/2016.

3-    Any organization /body who shall ignore the seriousness of this matter shall be doing so at their own risks.

4-    The Youth of Lakes State in communication with othe Youth from Bahr el Ghazal have resolved to take such moves because we don’t want to do the same as they did in Equatoria.

5-    The ultimatum is here given for only seven days from 18th-24th of Sept/2016.

Lakes State Youth Council

Also in the reply to the letter obtained by Gurtong from UNMISS which was addressed to the Acting Government of Lakes State on 20th/10/2016.

It reads:

Subject: Letter from Lakes State Youth council on repatriation of Equatorian employees from Lakes State

I bring to your attention a letter received from Lakes State Youth council, through the civil society organization network acting chairperson, Mr. Manyiel Dut Kok, requesting repatriation of Equatorian employees from Lakes State region.

UNMISS, Rumbek coordination realizing the magnitude of this matter which is not in line with the united nations mandate and guidelines wish to seek your intervention in handling what seem to be a threat from the Youth Council facilitated by the civil society organization through its acting chairperson by their resolutions and seven days ultimatum.

Please accept the assurance of my highest consideration.
With the kind regards,

Kwame Dwamena Aboagye
Head of field office-Rumbek

Third letter from the government of Western Lakes State

To: State UNMISS Coordinator,
Western Lakes State-Rumbek

Subject: Position of western Lakes State government on the Youth council letter concerning Equatorianemployee’s repatriation from Lakes State region dated 18th/sept/2016.

As the acting governor of western Lakes State, I condemned this act of individual who called himself the acting chairperson of the Youth council as he claimed.

The western Lakes State also condemned in its strongest term possible the Yei road incident where innocents lives were lostin a brutal murder. We do also appreciated the president of the republic on his stand to make it clear that nobody should takes laws into his hand, for this act is mainly being made by individuals for their own interest and the government has already taken a step to bring those criminal into books.

All in all, I want to bring into  your attention that there is no existing body called Lakes State Youth council in Western Lakes State because we are purely western Lakes State.

In addition, the government of Western Lakes State did not receive any letter of this kind from the said council and therefore should be considered as for individual.

Therefore, the government of Western Lakes State would like to assure the head of UNMSISS in Western Lakes State, all the NGOs both national and international,companies, business people and individual from Equatoria origin working or residing in Western Lakes State that the government is investigating this Individual act and you should not panic.

The SPLM as the ruling party does not divide the people of the republic of South Sudan base on Ethnicity or tribe but believe in diversity for all and south Sudanese are free to move and co-exist with each other in any part of the Country and therefore urge you just to continue with your normal duties as usual.

In conclusion, we call upon the Equatorian in Western Lakes state to feel free and report any incident of harassment or intimidation by this Individual.

Hon. Lois Agum Ruben

Acting Government of Western Lakes State,

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