Pupils Graduate In Torit’s Bright Christ Academy School

In a graduation ceremony held at Bright Christ Academy School in Torit last Saturday, parents and guardians were moved by the performance of the children during the invent.

Pupils Graduate In Torit’s Bright Christ Academy School
Pupils of Bright Academy perform a poem during their graduation ceremony [Photo by Peter Lokale]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 16 November 2016[Gurtong] –The children urged the nation of South Sudan to silence all guns and focus on improving the quality of education in order to achieve development and stability.

The children performed numerous entertainment activities passing messages to the government appealing for peace.

Bright Christ Academy School Director, Grace Achan clarified that the graduation of the primary school children is an important occasion held annually to encourage both the parents and their children in early childhood education.

Reacting to what the school children uttered in a poem they recited 'use pen, not guns' the director said the message was important for the public.

Awat Arkadio, one of the parents who attended the graduation, expressed excitement and appreciation to the school for taking the time to organise the function which turned out successful.

"Really, I was deeply touched to see such young kids suitably passing the message in a special way. To be honest, I like it (message) and on that day, I wished everyone; South Sudanese, could listen and pick the message for immediate adoption or application. Truly, as they had put, we are tired of hearing gun shots," he added.

"... Let us learn from the experience. We have lost many with several people being displaced across the country while others have fled for refuge in neighbouring nations."

The head teacher of Bright Christ Academy, Achen Night disclosed to Gurtong that 95 out of the 107 kids successfully graduated on Saturday.

Those who did not complete according to the head teacher faced financial constraints that saw them drop out of school.

The Christ Bright Academy's School Management Committee (SMC) Chairperson, Pious Lokoro Matia advised parent to enrol their children and afterward make use of the available opportunity to transform the society.

The School started its operation in 2008 as a nursery school with 370 pupils and six teachers. The primary section was opened in 2009 with only 10 teachers but now has 18 teachers employed.

The school is run by a community based women’s group known as Christ Early Childhood Development Advocacy Group (CECDAG).

CECDAG, is a group of women that come together chiefly to eradicate illiteracy in South Sudan by making sure that every child goes to school.

The Bright Christ Academy school Acting head teacher, Moses Achare Alsigamoi who also spoke during the ceremony disclosed that the academic performance of children this year has improved with all first and second terms examination being successfully conducted.

"Most of our children are smart, and they behave very well. That explains why we as Bright Christ Academy is steadily moving towards a child friendly school," said Achare.

"... We thank Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) which helps girls once a year with financial support. We also appeal to all the parents to continue supporting the school."
Currently, the school has enrolled 1,500 pupils.


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