President Kiir Initiates National Dialogue To Pave Way For Peace Building

President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Wednesday announced the initiation of a national dialogue to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan and bring peaceful coexistence.

President Kiir Initiates National Dialogue To Pave Way For Peace Building
President Salva Kiir Mayardit [File photo]

By Jok Mayom

JUBA, 15 December 2016 [Gurtong]-President Kiir while addressing parliamentarians said, the political crisis of 2013 which was then followed by extreme violence that shook the foundation of country has deeply divided the country as the continuing conflict is threatening to tear it apart.

 “I am deeply concerned about the direction our country is heading to: tribal hatred and divisions. I am deeply concerned about the parents who cannot feed their children due to the shrinking economy. I am deeply concerned about the street children and all the citizens of this country. We shall work to preserve and protect the unity of our people” said President Kiir.

“As your President, I will not allow this suffering to continue. I am initiating the national dialogue. I shall be the patron of the national dialogue. We fought for the unity of this country but not to tear it apart. We shall guarantee its unity”.

President Kiir was for the second time calling for forgiveness from the people of South Sudan for mistakes he might have done urging them to embrace unity through the national dialogue.
“As long as, I am your President, I will not allow the suffering of our people to continue and I will not also allow this country to fall apart” he assured.

“National Unity is the means through which we can preserve, protect and restore the integrity of our country. In my view, national unity is a function of dialogue and consensus of building” he added.

He said, “In pursuit of national unity and reconciliation, your government has undertaken many efforts to bring the conflict to an end and to create a favourable environment to reconstitute national consensus”.

“Remember, dialogue has been a hallmark of our liberation struggle. We had always used dialogue as a mechanism to manage our differences and to recommit ourselves to our unity purposes and resolve to set our people free” he applauded.

Kiir said the first dialogue for unity when the ruling party split in 1991 was in 1994 in Chukudum for the members of Anyanya 2 adding that several other dialogues continued until 2005.

He said the opportunity will allow the citizens to discuss issues related to the structure of the State, renegotiate social contract, and revitalize their aspirations for development and responsibility in the world of nations.

“I take the view that a successful national dialogue only be realized when all the people of South Sudan have broadly participated, agreed and accepted its agenda and outcomes” Kiir stated.

“…..For this to be realized the process of national dialogue must be seen as credible, genuine and open to all the people of South Sudan and it should have reliable guarantees for its outcome to be accepted and implemented” he said.

He said the government which shall be the stakeholder in the national dialogue throws full weight for the process adding that there are persons of consensus with stature and integrity to steer the process.

“To ensure the credibility and effectiveness of the national dialogue process, your leadership will very closely with regional, continental and international partners including IGAD, JMEC, AU, TROIKA and the UN” he assured.

He said during his recent visits to Ethiopia, South Africa and Equatoria Guinea, he was mobilizing partners to support the national dialogue.

Kiir said the broader objectives of the national dialogue are to end the violent conflict in South Sudan, reconstitute national consensus and save the country from disintegration and usher in a new era of peace, stability and prosperity.

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