More than 2000 Displaced Persons Arrive Wau

At least 300 families comprising of 2,500 individuals has so far arrived in Wau town from the 25th of January from areas around Wau town due to insecurity and are currently sheltering at the Nazareth Catholic church in Wau town.

 More than 2000 Displaced Persons Arrive Wau
Displaced persons camping at the Nazareth Catholic church in Wau [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 31 January 2017 [Gurtong] – Most of whom are children and teenagers, women and elderly persons looking for protection after what they described as heavy attacks on them by cattle keepers.

Some are stranded in Jebel Tick the Eastern part of Wau town lacking food and medicines.
Speaking to Gurtong at the Nazareth church, the displaced persons camp Manager, Simon Gabriel Ulau said the arrivals are from the three areas of Wath-lelo, Atido and Maleng .

“They are running due to insecurity imposed on them by the rebels and the cattle keepers,” said Ulau.

“They told us that they are coming from the three areas of Wath-lelo, Atido and Maleng due to barbaric killings and looting. They say the cattle keepers are killing them and burning down their homes and that is why they are fleeing out from their homes for protection,” he said.

“They also told us that those targeting them are wearing black clothes and carrying riffles including the AK47 with their cattle and shoot at people, looting properties, chickens and goats and are killing people indiscriminately,” he said.

Ulau said the displaced are now lacking food and medicines as they have not received any assistance from the government humanitarian agencies.

“We are urging the humanitarian aid agencies to urgently intervene with food and medicine assistance,” he said.

Lino Uchalla who is among the victims said the cattle keepers have been raiding cattle in the area after losing their cattle to the rebels.

“When these cattle keepers came to our area, we told them not to proceed moving ahead because it is clear that a place called Majiu, has rebels but they did not listen to our advice until the proceeded to that place. So when they met with the rebels, their cattle were raided from them and when they returned from Majiu, they turned their anger against the local community by killing and looting their properties, this is how the incident started,” Uchalla explained.

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