Open Letter To President For Creation of Aweil West State

"We have never lived in a hostile neighborhood with the Raja people, and we will never allow our coexistence harmony to come to an end".


An Open Letter to the President of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E. 1st Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit

February 1st, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

With the greatest respect and honor to your esteemed office, we, the concern citizens of the former Aweil West County and former Aweil North County in the diaspora do hereby appeal to you to consider our request to create a separate state that comprises the mentioned above two former counties apart from Raja. Our demand to have a separate state is based on the following facts:

Firstly, since you issued the decree number 36/ 2015 for the creation of 28 states, all Raja chiefs rejected the amalgamation of Raja with the two Aweil counties to establish Lol State with its capital at Raja. The Raja people's refusal to unite with our two counties is based on the assumption that the Dinka from the two counties would grab their lands and imposes their culture on them; which has never been our culture as Aweil people in general.

Secondly, the intellectuals and youths of Aweil West and Aweil North met in Juba last year and appealed to your Excellency to consider the establishment of Aweil West State; which would comprise the two Aweil counties (North and West), and its capital at Nyamlel.

Thirdly, we are keenly aware that you held the official meeting in Juba with the First Vice President and the Vice President regarding the problem of Lol State. Your Excellency, we believe that your meeting with your deputies acknowledged the problems in Lol State and promised to solve it within 21 days. We were optimistic that you would establish the proposed Aweil West state separate from Raja. Unfortunately, we are so disappointed when your excellency created new states without Aweil West State.

For all these reasons, we, the undersigned this petition, would like to revive our hope by submitting this request to your Excellency to establish our new state. We want to assure you, Mr. President, that we would be living in a peaceful neighborhood with the Raja Community as we used to do so in the past. The peaceful neighborhood is our culture in the entire Aweil region. We have never lived in a hostile neighborhood with the Raja people, and we will never allow our coexistence harmony to come to an end. We firmly believe that some elements in Raja Community are using the administrative division to jeopardize the long existed peace between our community and Raja. If this problem is not resolved, it will continue to destabilize Lol State.

We have trust in you, Mr. President, that your intervention to create Aweil West Sate separately from Raja would bring the peace between Raja and us. Also, it would deprive the evils to destabilize our area. We thank you in advance Mr. President for considering our people's request.

Signed by,

1. Mr. Simon Deng Kuol Deng, United States of America

2. Mr. Isaac Mabior Ngang, United States of America

3. Mr. Kuach Loch Garang Deng, Canada

4. Mr. Kuot Wol Wol Akec, Canada

5. Mr. Jor Wol Jor, United States of America

6. Mr. Yor Anei Yor Wal, United States of America

7. Mr. Angelo Garang Deng Arou, United States of America

8. Mr. Awach Anei Wal, United States of America

9. Mr. Atak Atak Tong Lual, Canada

10. Mr. Daniel Dut Deng Akol, Canada

11. Mr. Peter Pou Magol Deng, United States of America

12. Mr. Garang Kuac Yel, Canada

13. Mr. Kuany Akok Ngor, United States of America

14. Mr. Peter Akec Tong, United States of America

15. Mr. Mario Guot Deng Mou, United States of America

16. Mr. James Ajang Yai, United States of America

17. Mr. Angelo Majok Ayo, Canada

18. Mr. William Deng Boldit, Australia

19. Mr. Jackson Akok Ngor Thiep, Australia

20. Mr. Dut Deng Kuol Anyuan, United Kingdom, England

21. Mr. James Gop Deng Bol, Canada

22. Mr. Leek Akot Machol, United States of America

23. Mr. Wek Wek Lual Majok, Australia

24. Mr. Joseph Majok Amol, United States of America

25. Mr. Samuel Akol Anei, United States of America

26. Mr. James Akoon Ariath, United States of America

27. Mr. Wol Kuac Wol Majok, United States of America

28. Mr. Kuac Akeshak Jok Aleu, Canada

29. Mr. Makuoch Mawien Deng, United States of America

30. Mr. Malek Ayei Majak Ayei, Australia

31. Mr. Malek Dhieu Duang, Australia

32. Mr. Lual Tong Lual, Australia

Thank you,

Copies to:

1. First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan

2. Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan

3. Speaker of the Council of States

4. Speaker of the Transitional of National Unity’s  Legislative Assembly

5. The Governor of Lol State

6. Speaker of Lol Legislative Assembly

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