Wau And Tonj State Governors To Visit Areas Of Conflict In Jur River

Wau and Tonj State Governors, Andrea Mayar and Akec Tong Aleu on Thursday agreed to carry out a joint visit to all affected areas within Jur River County in Wau State in a fact finding mission into circumstances that led to conflict between farmers of Wau and cattle keepers from Tonj States.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 17 February 2017 [Gurtong]-
The areas to be visited include Kwajiena, Mbili, Wath-lelo and Roc-Roc dong.

The move was reached on Thursday evening in Wau State at the council of ministers after the two leaders alongside with their area Commissioners, local traditional Chiefs and youth met to discuss ways forward of resolving the alarming conflict between the two State which begun recently.

“Today we are here in Wau State for a fact finding mission. We have been getting preliminary information from our people including the Chiefs and cattle keepers that when they arrived in Wau State, they came under attack and their cattle were looted by elements of armed groups. Almost 750 cattle were looted in this attack, two people were killed while three were wounded, this raised tension between our cattle keepers and the local community and for this issue is why am here today with my people for fact finding,” said Aleu.

Governor Akec on his part said his tour with Governor Aleu will bring an end to atrocities being carried out between the two communities of the two States.

Wau State Governor, Andrea Mayar said he has advised his constituents not to carry out any revenge attacks as the matter is being solved.

“What has passed has passed but we need investigations to continue and when we find anybody having a hand in this they will face the law. What we need is return the situation back to normal and allow the Tonj people and Wau residents to return to their normal lives, “said Acho.


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