Dear Colleagues and Friends

The Chairman, Board of Trustees and entire staff of Skills for South Sudan would like to announce the untimely death of Sarah Hayward who died in the UK. She was one of the founding member of Skills for South Sudan in the UK in 1995. She played a tremendous role.

Sarah Hayward was an amazing person and a great inspiration to very many people across Africa. She worked for many years to support the changes in South Africa and then used her great energies and gift for friendship in South Sudan with Skills for South Sudan (SKILLS).

Those women who remember Sarah Hayward in Hotel Triangle in Jinja Uganda in 1999 during the training on Women’s Leadership for South Sudanese Women and benefited from her efforts will remember her driving force to support the women of South Sudan in Leadership. We are overwhelmed with a great sense of loss and send our condolences to the families and friends in the UK. Sarah was laid to rest on February 17, 2017.

May her Soul Rest in Peace.



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