Aweil East State Governor Reshuffles His Cabinet

Aweil East State Governor, Deng Deng Akuei on Wednesday issued a gubernatorial decree relieving his deputy Governor and replacing him with one of his cabinet members.

Aweil East State Governor Reshuffles His Cabinet
L-R Aweil East State Governor,Deng Deng Akuei and Lol State Governor, Rizik Hassan Zacharia during a previous event [Photo by Abraham Agoth]

By Agoth Abraham

MALUAL-KHON, 17 March 2017 [Gurtong]- Garang Garang Deng, former Deputy Governor of Aweil East State was relieved off his position on Wednesday by his boss without citing reasons for the removal.

Garang was replaced by William Ater Lual who was serving as the State Minister of Education, Science and Technology and acting Minister of Health.

In another decree the Governor sacked his Minister of Finance, Peter Akoon Maluil and replaced him with Athian Athian Dut as the new Minister of Finance.

Athian Athian Dut before being appointed as the new Finance Minister was serving as the Director General in the same ministry.

In another decree, Governor Deng also relieved Chan Akol Akot from the State Revenue Authority Commission and replaced him with the Government’s cChief Whip, Bul Bul Door.

Aweil East State’s SPLM Secretariat is now in consultation to have new nominees within the parties cadres to be appointed as new State’s Chief Whip.


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