Minister of Health In Wau Promises To Improve Health Services

Wau State newly appointed Minister of Health, Bona Guandensio Wol said his main priority is to improve health services at Wau government run teaching hospital and delivery of medical needs to the rural areas within the State.

 Minister of Health In Wau Promises To Improve Health Services
Wau State Minister of Health, Bona Guandensio Wol speaking to Gurtong. 20/03/2017 [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 20 March 2017 [Gurtong] - “I will do what I can to improve health services in Wau State. There are many challenges but day and night in collaboration with all health partners operating in Wau State, we will do our level best to overcome these challenges,” said Bona.

“Wau teaching hospital is not operating at night hours but with my recent appointment, I will work with the doctors and all staff to make sure those services at the hospital are back at the standard level,” he said.

Bona promised to deliver more medical farcicalities to the rural areas.

“I have so many challenges in the ministry but my main target is to change the quality of services at Wau teaching hospital, I will work to reinstall the lights at the hospital and make sure that the doctors are on their duties day and night at the hospital, the rural areas will also be made standard in terms of health care,” he said.

Bona said improving health care units outside the town would help the elderly people to access health services next to them.

Bona who was the State Minister of Information, Communication and Culture was relieved last Thursday from his post and appointed as the Minister of Health the same day.

He sworn in last Friday and assumed his duty as the State Minister of Health today.

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