Peace Dialogue Between Neighbouring Countries Held In Rumbek

The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) in collaboration with African Partnership Aid for Rehabilitation Development (APARD) on Saturday held a one day peace dialogue between neighbouring Counties of Akot, Paloc,Atiaba and Aduel of Western Lakes State and Aluakluak County of Eastern Lakes State.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 20 March 2017 [Gurtong]-
The Acting Commissioner of Eastern Bahr Naam County, Madit Malual Ater urged the community Chiefs and youths to return properties and raided cattle to their rightful owners before any blood compensation.

The Executive Director of Eastern Lakes State, Aluakluak County, Makoi Mading Nguec suggested that the two Governors and Chiefs on both sides should formulate laws governing border Counties of Aluakluak, Paloc and Eastern Bahr Naam.

Western Lakes State MP representing Paloc and Akot Constituencies bordering Eastern Lakes State, Madhieu Makuac Adhil appealed to Eastern Lakes State youth to mobilize and return the 1,490 heads of cattle raided from Western Lakes State Paloc County.

Honorable, Madhieu Makuac urged the community of Aluakluak and Eastern Bahr and Paloc Counties to maintain peace and freedom of movement among themselves along the border.

“We are here for a peace consolidation meeting and this is part of a follow up of the resolutions which was witnessed by the two former Governors of Eastern and Western Lakes States and was signed by the Chiefs and Gelwong Youth leaders and we want to hear from you the challenges and problems as well as the way forward” said Honorable Madhieu Makuac Adhil.

Meanwhile the African Partnership Aid for Rehabilitation Development (APARD) facilitator, John Malith Rual urged the community of Eastern and Western Lakes States to own the peace dialogue and bring stability along their common borders.

Malith Rual said, the role of APARD in the community is to distribute ox-plough to the community for cultivation and in return the community should maintain peace and harmony so that people embark on agricultural activities.

The one day peace consolidation conference organized by the CRS and APARD came up with the following recommendations:-

1-    Agreed on Peace consolidation along the border through abolishing cattle raiding and cattle thefts.

2-    The community agreed on establishing border joint security committee and border special Court

3-    Returns of raided cattle and blood compensation

4-    Avoid cattle raiding and cattle theft

5-    Allow Freedom of movement along the border for search of food and cultivation

6-    No to revenge killing

7-    Networking communication between Eastern Lakes State Aluakluak and Western Lakes State , Paloc and Eastern Bahr Naam Counties

8-    Establishment of join patrolling police unite and community Administrative police along the border

9-    Bio-Law or Guiding principles that determine the charges (fees) for the return of each raided cow should be determine for the community Administrative police by the community and the government

The Conflict Early warning and early response (CEWER) project officer, William Mapuor Marial appreciated the peace dialogue and termed it as the road map for lasting peaceful co-existence and stability between the communities of Aluakluak of Eastern and Western Lakes States.

He said the role of CEWER which is funded by the CRS is to bring peace, reconciliation and unity among communities at a premature early stage of conflict.


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