ECS Archbishop Calls For Justice In South Sudan

The Sudan and South Sudan Episcopal Church Archbishop, Daniel Deng Bull has called on the people of South Sudan to allow justice and accountability take its course on those who have committed atrocities in the county.

ECS Archbishop Calls For Justice In South Sudan
Archbishop Deng Deng Bull pose for a phot with the Governor of Wau, Andrea Mayar and other officials, [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 15 April 2017 [Gurtong] – The Archbishop made the remarks in Wau while visiting the Governor of the State, Andrea Mayar Acho.

“We are praying for God to touch the hearts of our people, what is happening to us as a church is a challenge. We talk here about peace; violence is still taking place somewhere. The same day I came, I was talking of peace to the people and I was appealing and that was the same day the situation got worse in Wau town, this is unacceptable. That is a challenge to us that is the way we see things moving but as a church, we are to move on even though the situation is like that, we need to work for peace and reconciliation,” said Archbishop Daniel Deng Bull.

He said without peace and allowing justice a chance, nothing can happen in terms of achieving peace in the country.

“We know yes things have been done wrong that is our problem but we face the problem, if we don’t face them then we are missing the goal and the blessings that God has given to the people of South Sudan,” he said.

“So my message is let us be faithful and let us be strong enough to face our crisis in the country because if we don’t face them, who will face them? So killing will not bring peace but what we are demanding is justice, let justice be done to all of us and without justice, we will not receive peace, therefore, we have to work as South Sudanese together and we should be proud of our country and this is our country, we need to be proud of it,” he said.

“We need to give justice to every South Sudanese that is what we as the church we are complaining about it. We want to make sure justice, peace and reconciliation is done to the people of South Sudan,” said the Archbishop.

Meanwhile on the relocation of IDPs in Wau, Bishop Daniel Deng Bull urged the Governor and the UNMISS, to fasten the relocation process of the IDPs before the rains come.

“My advice will be these people if the rain comes, this is going to bring another crisis. For example cholera and other things. The situation health wise is unacceptable. Am appealing to your government if you can work with the UNMISS that these people need a better place where they can be protected by the UNMISS,” said Bull.

He said protection of civilians is a mandate of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in the country.

“I think it is their job to protect these people and put them somewhere protected so that they can be in a safe place. They can dig latrines for them because it is going to be a serious breakout if the rains come. So with this your excellency, I felt that I should remind you although I know that your government is working on that but  want to add my voice to what you in the government are doing. If the UNMISS are here to protect our people, then this is part of their work,” said Bull.


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