Awerial South County Wins In A Wrestling Tournament

In a wrestling competition that was organised in Eastern Lakes State between communities, Awerial South County team won in the tournament that was attended by many in Minkiman.

Awerial South County Wins In A Wrestling Tournament
Wrestling competition in South Sudan Eastern Lakes State [Photo Bullen Bol]

By Mabor Riak Magok

YIROL, 02 May 2017 [Gurtong]-
The tournament was organised by Solidarity Ministries Africa for Reconciliation & Development (SMARD), with the support from UNDP’s Peace and Community Cohesion project (PaCC).

In the finals Awerial South County team won over Awerial North County on Thursday in the finals of the inter-communal wrestling tournament.

15 wrestlers contested for the match. Wrestling games are meant to encourage peace, forgiveness and reconciliation among South Sudanese communities.

“We provide support to communities so that they can identify and address conflict drivers and connectors, things that bring them together, and to create safe spaces in which communities can interact,” said Julia Tope Odumuyiwa, a peace-building specialist with UNDP’s Peace and Community Cohesion project.

Odumuyiwa further said that the wrestling ground is one of those safe spaces that has been created and that wrestling itself is one of the activities the local communities identified as a unifier.

“We believe wrestling and sports, in general, are very effective tools when it comes to peace building,” she added.

Bernice Kitum, Program Coordinator of SMARD, said: “We are using wrestling to reach out to different members of the community, particularly young people working in the cattle camps, because they are the ones mobilized to take part in community violence.”

“I like that my fans can enjoy my moves and my skills, I like people coming to see me. I am happy to come here, but we always look forward to hosting other communities to come and wrestle with us,” said a wrestler from Awerial South.

Adut Biar one of the wrestlers urged the UNDP to continue supporting wrestling games inn the different States in order to unify people through sports.


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