Eastern Lakes Governor Appoints New State Cabinet

The Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Bor Philip Wutchok has appointed a new cabinet.

YIROL, 03 March 2017 [Gurtong]-The Governor issued a decree appointing a deputy Governor, advisors, State Ministers and Commissioners of Eastern Lakes State Government.

1 - Nhial Enock –Deputy Governor of Eastern Lakes State.

Eastern Lakes State Advisors:-

2- Martin Anhiem Arier  -Advisor for political affairs
3-Eli Aghok ater –Security Advisor
4-Andrew Ayieu kororu -Peace and Reconciliation Advisor

The Governor also appointed James Andrea Anhiem Aliet as Commissioner of the State headquarters.

The following are the state Ministers of Eastern Lakes State:

1-    Philiph Kot Job –Minister of Local Government and law enforcement agencies
2-    Abraham Majak Makur –Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sport
3-    Dhieu Wal Takping- Minister of Physical Infrastructure
4-    Bec George Jonwiir –Minister of Finance and Public Service
5-    Madol Chuot Chep-Minister of education, Gender and social Welfare
6-    Joselico yooc kuleng-Minister of Agriculture animal resources and fisheries
7-    Marim paul jebi –Minister of Health and Environment

The Governor also issued a separate Gubernatorial decree for the appointment of new County Commissioners as follows:-

1-    Gabriel bol anuer-Commissioner of Yirol County
2-    Gai Mayen Maruong-commissioner of Abang County
3-    Francis Manyiel Atuot-Commissioner of Malek County
4-    Job Alawei Manyat- Commissioner of Awerial North County
5-    Kuoi Ayang Kuoi-Commissioner of Awerial South County
6-    James Kulong Cinguoc- Commissioner of Mad-bar County
7-    Gabriel Bol Ayuwei-Commissioner of Nyang County
8-    Kon Agaw Machar-Commissioner of Aluakluak County

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