SPLM Caucus Dissolves New Parliamentary Chairpersons

SPLM caucus has dissolved the chairpersons of the parliamentary committees appointed by Right Hon. Anthony Lino Makana, the Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, said Atem Garang the government Chief Whip.

SPLM Caucus Dissolves New Parliamentary Chairpersons
Atem Garang, Government Chief Whip. [File Photo]

By Jale Richard

The SPLM caucus meeting was chaired by Chairman President Kiir in the presence of Vice President James Wani Igga and acting secretary general Jemma Nunu Kumba.
The meeting was to resolve the conflict created in the parliament after the appointment of chairpersons of the parliamentary committees by the speaker of parliament.

The move sparked protest from some members of parliaments who said the appointments did not represent all the regions of the country and others asked for impeachment of the speaker.

Atem Garang the chief whip of SPLM in the transitional national legislative assembly said the SPLM caucus dismissed the list appointed by the speaker of the parliament, and a new list will be provided to the chief whip.

He said the MPS who wanted to impeach the speaker have also agreed that there is no legal background that can impeach the speaker because of procedural issues.
“The issue has been resolved; there is amendment to be done in the conduct of business,” He said.

Garang said the numbers of parliamentary committees will be increased from 18 to 25 to accommodate all the political parties according to the peace agreement.
He said the amendments will take place next week and the parliament will resume normal business in the week after.

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