One Day Peace Conference Between Thuyic And Gony Held In Rumbek

A one -day peace and reconciliation meeting organized by the Disable Association and Rehabilitation for Development (DARD) was held on Wednesday at Rumbek civic engagement Center between the Gony and Thuiyic of Athoi communities.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 18 May 2017 [Gurtong]-The two communities resolved to co-exist peacefully among themselves despite the recent revenge killings of two people from the Gony section by Thuiyic Armed Youth.

Speaking during the meeting, the Executive Director of Western Bahr Naam County, Thon Rengu Majok urged both communities to embrace and sustain peace and reconciliation without further obstacles among them.

The Payam SPLM Assistant Secretary in Cueicok, Mangok Matur Manyiel called upon the representative of Chiefs and Gelwong leaders to advocate for peace and reconciliation in order to pave way for this years’ cultivation. 

The following were the resolutions from the Gony and Thuiyic peace and reconciliation review meeting:-

1-    Immediate blood compensation of recent killings this month in Amiding cattle camp.

2-    Sustainability of peace and reconciliation among the community of Athoi

3-    The name of one Athoi community to be revived and used by 3 sections that comprise, Dhiei, Thuiyic and Gony.

4-    Establishing a border point and Army Youth out-force at four hand-pumps to monitor the movement of anybody passing in their territory.

5-     The peace and reconciliation committee to approach the County authority to abolish establishment of more 20 road blocks and checkpoints on the way to Easten Bahr Naam County.

The meeting was attended by over 30 participants including the Executive Chief, paramount chief and gelwong leaders of the communities as well as a number of intellectuals from the two former warring communities of Athoi.

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