Wanyjok Central Prison Inmates Lacking Medical Supply

Despite medical drugs supplied by the State Ministry of Health to prisoners in Wanyjok, the conditions in prisons continue to worsen as the rate of infections is increasing.

By Agoth Abraham

WANYJOK-, 19 May 2017 [Gurtong] - The State Ministry of Health earlier responded to the outbreak of scabies, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases which were the main diseases identified in the main prison after Gurtong published a report on the deterioration conditions of the prison.

As a result, the State government responded by supplying some antibiotics to the inmates two weeks ago.

In an inclusive interview with inmates and prison authorities on Wednesday, it is evident that the health conditions in the prison is still deteriorating as the drugs supplied were not enough and the number of inmates increase daily.

At least three inmates who were able to talk to Gurtong said they have not been able to access medication while in prison.

The management of prison confirmed the deteriorating health condition within the prison but blamed lack of judges to hear cases in court.

The prison authorities and UNMISS, human rights activists have been engaged in seeking response from health partners in order to address health conditions at the prison.

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