Imatong Government To Begin Construction Of Katire Hydro-Electric Power Plant

The Government of Imatong State has announced plans to construct a Power Plant; Hydro-Electric Power, at Katire.

Imatong Government To Begin Construction Of Katire Hydro-Electric Power Plant
Wau power plant station [File photo Gurtong]

By Peter Lokale

TORIT, 19 May 2017 [Gurtong] –The government official Spokesperson's, Jacob Atari Albano also the Information Minister announced to the media that a formal agreement with a chosen company has been reached upon.

He said that on Thursday, the Council of Ministers deliberated and passed a resolution following a presentation of a memo by the Infrastructure Minister, John Savio Otwor.

He disclosed that about US Dollar 80 Million has been allocated for the full construction of the Hydro-electric power estimated to be completed after 3 and half years.

The spokesman said the government has cancelled an earlier agreement with the Joint Afri-Company and the former government under the former Governor, Nartisio Loluke Manir because the latter (Afri-company) was not officially registered and recognized by the government of South Sudan.

In September 2013, the then State government of Eastern Equatoria under the leadership of Louis Lobong Lojore in collaboration with the national government inked a memorandum of understanding with the Sino Hydro Power Corporation to undertake the project construction at the identified power plant site in Katire.

In July 2013, the Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Marial Awuo Yol and the Assistant General Manager for corporate banking in China’s Exim Bank, Madam Mo, signed a loan agreement for the construction of Kineti Hydro-power project.

The US$ 27 million dollar project was signed with the government of South Sudan paying 15 percent and China giving 85 percent of the money.

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