KCB To Shut Down In Torit

As the Kenya Commercial Bank, KCB, is preparing to complete closure of its branch in Torit, its clients who have been relying on the bank for its services, have expressed worries over the bank's management decision to close on 30th June 2017.

KCB To Shut Down In Torit

By Peter Lokale

TORIT, 01 June 2017 [Gurtong] –
The bank announced that in order to serve as an immediate alternative to its customers in the region, Nimule branch shall remain open.

Part of the notice currently displayed on the bank's wall reads, "Following our management decision to rationalise the number of branches Countrywide, it has been found necessary to relocate the Torit branch to Nimule branch. We regret to advise that the relocation process will necessitate the temporary closure of the branch. We regret for any inconvenience caused."

The first Director General of the State Finance Ministry, Mr. Alfred Kayumba Tugul, told the media that government employees and other clients may for some time face it rough because the decision has come as a surprise.

"The concern is even we the government, as the reliable bank branch is closing, where will we get an urgent alternative to get salaries from Juba to Torit? It is not easy now. And even we have not yet discussed with the Nile Commercial Bank which is currently in Torit if they have the capacity.

We suggest the Central Bank in Juba extend its branch to Torit, which could be the only good alternative..." expressed Mr. Kayumba.

Though Gurtong did not reach out to the bank's management in Torit, a number of the bank's clients expressed frustrations.

In November last year, Equity bank, one of the private banks, indefinitely suspended its operations due to logistical and operational challenges.

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