AMDISS Welcomes the Release of George Livio Bahara


Juba - May 30th, 2017 - AMDISS welcomes the Release of George Livio Bahara from Detention.

George Livio Bahara, a Radio Miraya Journalist was arrested on August 22nd, 2014 in Wau, the Capital of former Western Bahr el Ghazal State, where he was based and brought to Juba and placed in detention at the National Security cell. He was released on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 without charges after nearly three years behind bars.

AMDISS has been very loud in calling for the release of George Livio to create an atmosphere for the participation of journalists in the national dialogue. This was the reason why AMDISS felt it would not be appropriate if its representative is part of the national dialogue's steering committee representing the media and yet some journalists and media houses are still held up by the authorities.

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