Cultural Festival Launched In Rumbek By Youth Sports Association

Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) supported by the Norwegian People’s Aid on Saturday launched a cultural festival in Western Lakes State,Rumbek.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 12 June 2017 [Gurtong] -
The Norwegian People’s Aid Project Coordinator for Youth rights, Michael Gorjin Kuol said the aim of launching the sports and cultural festival is to connect the youth through peace building and non-violent activities in Western Lakes State.

Gorjin Kuol said 29 villages are fully engage in peace building sports activities with about 101 teams created in Rumbek only.

Gorjin thanked the government of Western Lakes State for creating a conducive environment for the youth to exercise their rights and freedom through sports activities.

Speaking during the launch, the Governor of Western Lakes State, Major General Matur Chut Dhuol urged the Youth to refrain from politics, tribalism and embark on sports and cultural activities that brings peace and unity.

“You are all coming from different clans and back ground to join sports teams while some of you are from Rup, Athoi, Kuei and Pakam which is a good spirit of unity “said Major General Matur Chut Dhuol.

The Governor also took the opportunity to announce the separation of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport from the Ministry of Information and communication.

Matur Chut urged the community of Meen County (Pakam) to immediately evacuate from Rup territory and return to their original territory before appointing the new Commissioner for Meen County.

“If the community of Meen County (Pakam) do not evacuate Rup territory and return to their homes in Meen County, so that the displaced Rup community can return peaceful to their territory then I will not make the decision to appoint the replacement of the Commissioner since you might have heard of the removal of the former Commissioner of Meen County” said Major General Matur Chut.

The state Minister of Health, Dr. Anib Majur Achut urged the youth to develop sports as the way to unite the people of Western Lakes State.


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