Clerics Urge S. Sudanese To Embrace Peace, National Dialogue

Religious leaders have urged South Sudanese to embrace peace through reconciliation.

By Peter Lokale

TORIT, 15 July 2017 [Gurtong] –The Catholic Diocese of Torit's Apostolic Administrator, Monsignor Thomas Oliha is urging the people of South Sudan to start developing positive attitudes towards each other owning up to the national dialogue.

The Apostolic Administrator who spoke to the media in Torit regrets the on-going discrimination on basis of tribalism against ethnic groups.

The Archbishop of South Sudan and Sudan, Daniel Deng Bul also criticised divisions among South Sudanese which according to him has misled the country from development.

“It is time for us to search our souls for peace in ourselves and our country. I want all of us to commit ourselves to the national dialogue called by the President of the Republic, especially those who are still busy carrying arms against each other. Time to rethink is now," Said Daniel Deng Bul.

Governor of Imatong State, Tobiolo Alberio Oromo welcomed the call by the religious leaders, reiterating that his administration is committed to works towards uniting the people.

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