Western Lakes State Facing Shortage Of Food

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Western Lakes State, John Thon Kuatis calling upon humanitarian organizations, UN Agencies and Non-governmental organization to organize a meeting and discuss the issue of food shortage in the State.

Western Lakes State Facing Shortage Of Food
Sorghum Farm [File photo]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 04 August 2017 [Gurtong] - In an interview with Gurtong, John Thon Kuat said all 11 Counties in the State have faced a shortage of rainfall this year leading to poor harvests.

“According to the field research after visiting the Counties found that the issue is due to the climate change for the whole of greater Lakes State including Gok and Eastern Lakes State, but Western Lakes State is the most hit by severe drought and crops are dying “ said the Minister of Agriculture, Thon Kuat.

He said local community farmers in Western Lakes State have been unable to harvest what they had cultivated in the month ofJune.

“Local crops such as groundnuts, among other varieties of crops are dying because of no rain,” said Thon Kuat.

The Minister of Agriculture, Kuat appealed to humanitarians and UN Agencies supporting Agriculture in the Country to rescue the situation in the State.

Moses Matoch Machar a farmer in Pan-barkou village told Gurtong that despite conflict in the region farmers were determined to plant crops.

“We began cultivation late in June despite insecurity with less amount of rainfall, hoping that it will not be like last year in 2016 when rains stopped early in the month of September” said Machar.


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