South Sudanese Youth Urged To Work Together

The Information Minister in Imatong State, Hon. Jacob Atari Albano, during a talent show event, in Torit emphasized that South Sudanese youth must focus on nation building.

By Peter Lokale

TORIT, 11 August 2017 [Gurtong] –
The minister stressed that the youth should adapt unity and work together as the citizens of a nation whose objective is to rebuild the nation's prosperity.

Hon. Atari urged the Artists Union to embark on peace messages dissemination crusade while pledging his government support to the sector.

Also speaking at the function was the Imatong State Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Minister, Hon. Mubarak Reuben Emmy who condemned hatred among young people.

Hon. Reuben encouraged the youth to support the development efforts made by the government.

15,000 South Sudanese Pounds was donated to the Artist Union Association's leadership to begin a peace campaign in the State.


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