Foot And Mouth Animal Disease Outbreak Confirmed In Western Lakes State

The Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries in Western Lakes State in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has confirmed the outbreak of Animal foot and mouth diseases in Manyiel cattle camp.

Foot And Mouth Animal Disease Outbreak Confirmed In Western Lakes State

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 12 August 2017 [Gurtong]-
In an interview with Gurtong, the Minister of Animals Resources and Fisheries, Kuol Daniel Ayielo said the situation requires a quick intervention from the partners.

“As the result of the outbreak of foot and mouth diseases currently identified, we are calling upon our partners to urgently intervene to supply medicines that may curb the wide spread of diseases across the State” said Ayieol.

He said that Western Lakes State in partnership with UN Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) are targeting 120, 000 heads of cattle , 19,000 goats and ships, and 130 dogs to be vaccinates against all forms of animals diseases.

“The type of vaccines that they are giving to animals in Western Lakes State is Anthrax vaccines and more other vaccines are expected from partners to arrive soon” he said.

Ayielo said, the vaccination campaign in Manyiel cattle camps and its surrounding areas will be extended to Rumbek East, Rumbek Center and Wulu Counties respectively.

FAO Co-coordinator, James Swokiri said that they are also conducting trainings on vaccination.
The process will take a period of two weeks in Awerial, Yirol East, Yirol West, Rumbek Center and Wulu Counties.

Commissioner of Rumbek County, Manyiel Riak Manyiel appreciated the youth in the cattle camp of Manyiel for keeping peace and stability and urged them to cooperate with the vaccinators during vaccination campaign exercises.


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