Akobo And Diaspora Anyuak's "Deep Concern".

"The meeting expressed a deep concern, had no prior knowledge nor awareness of the existence, neither being part of, nor cooperating with the so called Akobo Anywak Worldwide that has recently declared to exit the Akobo State."

 AKOBO Anyuak Community in Juba - South Sudan

 And AKOBO Anyuak Coordination Council in Diaspora

Joint Statement on the declaration of the alledged Akobo Anyuak Worldwide to exit Akobo State and merge with Pochalla to form a proposed Gilo State dated 19/08/2017
On Saturday the 26th of August 2017, an extra-ordinary joint emergency teleconference meeting was initiated and attended by Col Abraham Simon Makuac the Acting Chairman of Akobo Anyuak Community in Juba and the excutive committee of the Akobo Anyuak Coordination Council in Diaspora under the Chairmanship of Cde Otak Opiew Otong.
The meeting expressed a deep concern, had no prior knowledge nor awareness of the existence, neither being part of, nor cooporating with the so called Akobo Anywak Worldwide that has recently declared to exit the Akobo State. 
It is resolved that the Akobo Anyuak Communities under the Akobo Anyuak Coordination Council in Diaspora and Akobo Anyuak Community in Juba shall remain under the current Akobo State but shall continue to express its demand through a dialogue and concensus to acquire an independent Akobo Anyuak State based on the popular 1956 map borders.
We also request inclusion in the South Sudan National Dialogue and have our greivances heard. 
Released jointly by:
Col.  Abraham Simon Makuac
Acting Chairman of Akobo Anyuak Community in Juba, the Republic of South Sudan
 Cde Otak Opiew Otong
Chairman of Akobo Anyuak Coordination Council in Diaspora
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28/08/2017, 6:36 PM
 - Posted by Joseph Agolory
Dear followers of Gurtong, the Press Release by the so called Akobo Anyuak Coordination Council is not authentic and has nothing to do with Akobo Anyuak in Diaspora or in Juba. Below, you will find an statement from Akobo Community in Juba refuting the fake press release. Also be aware that the so called Akobo Coordination Council is run by individuals based in Australia and has no connections with Akobo Anyuak. Gurtong should also publish the the statement from Akobo Anyuak Community in Juba.

Immediate Publication
Date: 27th –Aug- 2017


The chairman of Akobo Anyuak community Association (AACA) Brig. General. Abraham Simon Makauc denounced the contradicting information written by Akobo Coordination Council in Diaspora (ACCD) secretary general Mr. Friday Awow as fake, fabricated, ugly and bare-face lies.

Mr. Friday Awow who by no standard took unclear podium and started writing lies on their paper dated 26th/8/2017 and they post it on social media. The ACCD need to be reminded that, the Akobo Ciro community in Juba do not work with fake and double standard association that has nothing good towards their people but shabby lies and carrying on the agenda of being conspirators and peddling out their exquisite land and properties to the tribe we hate most.

In your letter, you stated that, “the joint declaration” by using Akobo Ciro community in Juba … Mr. Friday, do not use gimmicks and lies to gain popularity. Lying will never take you anywhere!

The Ciro Community in Juba did not held any meeting in this week or at any time, as indicated in Mr. Friday Awow’s fabricated report. The Ciro Anyuak Community in Juba do not want and will not be part of Akobo State from now henceforth. Our position is and will forever remain as not being part of this so called “Akobo State” where our human rights and dignity not respected and observe as a whole.
The Akobo Anyuak Community Chairman Brig. Gen. Abraham Simon told the elders this morning in a briefing meeting that, he did not remember talking to Friday Awow that the Anyuak of Akobo are still in Akobo State or our position as a whole.

“If Friday want to know where we belong and our position, the Community Association agreed and had declared their position weeks ago that they are not part of Akobo State and we are joining our brothers and sisters in Pochalla and to form an Anyuak State to be called GILO STATE. Why is that Friday Awow like devising and tell lies every now and then…“

The ACCD is an organization that is full of nonsense, traitors and nuisance human whose agenda is to cause chaos and destruction to the Ciro communities worldwide. Such organization has no support from Juba and the Akobo Ciro communities across the globe must know that they are for nothing but destruction and selling the land of Akobo to their masters.

We, the Akobo Ciro community in Juba have one agenda. Our agenda is to fight for the rights of our people, their land, valuables and properties. If anybody among the Akobo Ciro community is against the rights, freedoms and liberation of our people, such group or individual will not be part of us and we will deal with them squarely and perpendicularly.

The Akobo Ciro community remains committed to their exit from the so called “AKOBO STATE” and shall not be part of it. This is just an immediate response to the crook and thugs groups of ACCD headed by their master liar, that the Akobo Ciro community Association shall response tomorrow with their headed paper and shall equally be made public both on social media and other media frontiers respectively.

Again, we still maintain our position and we will not be manipulated by any crook and empty brain guys who call themselves Ciro Anyuak in Diaspora. We love Ciro and respect Ciro. Nobody or any organization shall shake or scare us from doing that. We have clear mandate and missions. ACCD should get this clear and avoid any unauthentic and fabricated reports that, "we the Ciro community in Juba are not supporting them or entertain their music!

God Bless Ciro Communities

Peter Okello
Secretary General – Akobo Anyuak Community Association in Juba
Juba – South Sudan.
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