Governor Assures Security To Foreign Business Community In Wau

The Governor of Wau State, Angelo Taban Biajo has assured foreigners doing business in Wau State maximum security to operate smoothly with their businesses.

 Governor Assures Security To Foreign Business Community In Wau
overnor of Wau State, Angelo Taban Biajo [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 10 October 2017 [Gurtong]-
The Governor made the remarks this morning after meeting with the Sudanese Business community mainly from Darfur operating in Wau town.

Angelo Taban said protecting all foreigners is the responsibility of the State Governor to ensure that their lives and properties are safe.

“Our responsibility is to grant you security, protection to all civilians here. Any civilian, Sudanese citizen, Uganda citizen, Ethiopia citizens, Kenya citizen staying here in Wau State, we have to offer protection. Protection for his/her life and properties such that you can continue with your business,” said the Governor.

The Sudanese traders in Wau welcomed the Governor’s promise and also re-affirmed their commitments to support the State government in any way necessary.

The Darfur business community has in the past raised complaints of how they have been attacked by unknown gunmen and their shops looted.

They are now urging the new Governor to insert more efforts in protecting their businesses and bring to book those involved.

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