SSRRC Holds One Day Workshop To Sensitize NGOs On NGOs Act

The South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in collaboration with South Sudanese Network for Democratic Elections (SSUNDE) on Monday in Western Lakes State organized a one-day workshop to sensitize NGOs on the NGOs Act, 2016.

SSRRC Holds One Day Workshop To Sensitize NGOs On NGOs Act
Participants during the one day workshop in Western Lakes State on the NGOs Act [Photo by Mabor Riak]

 By Mabor Riak

RUMBEK, 12 October 2017 [Gurtong]-Western Lakes State Director for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Nickora Makuer Nyinde said that the NGOs and the SSRRC Acts gives an area of operation to all NGOs.

He however said that most NGOs do not adhere to the laws of the NGOs Act.

“When I took over office 3 months ago, I found that most of the NGOs operating in Western Lakes State were oblivious about the NGOs Act and RRC laws. But I am advising you seriously please to know the existence of the two laws operating in the country,” said Nyinde.

He pointed out on the issue of discrimination against job seekers which has caused a lot of general outcry.

“We are aware of Intra-communal conflicts but if NGOs give employment and engage our youth in many activities in working then people would succeed in the community. Laziness and redundancy are the contributors to conflict and instability amongst the community,” said Nyinde
He also requested NGOs supporting education, health and the agriculture sectors to submit reports of their activities they are doing in Western Lakes State to the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

The Commission’s Head of Verification and Compliance Directorate of NGOs, Andrew Acheng Anhiem said that RRC is sensitizing the civil society and international organization on the NGOs Act by visiting all the States in the country and to find out issues facing the international non-governmental organization, national organizations, civil society organizations (CSOs) and community based organizations (CBOs).

He urged all the international and national organizations to align their activities with government.

“Any NGOs employing according to NGOs Act should give priority to South Sudanese nationals without discrimination of any ground and ensure that not less than 80% of the employees are South Sudanese nationals in all managerial, middle and junior levels” said Anhiem.

He urged the NGOs and humanitarian organizations in South Sudan to register with RRC to avoid harassment.


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